Sunday, June 2, 2013

Great Grandma's Bow-Tie Quilt

 A few months ago, I posted about my Great Grandma's quilt blocks that I wanted to assemble into quilts.  Finally, I've made some progress on the first one.  I have the bow-tie quilt top all finished, and it's ready for basting and quilting!

Usually, sewing a few squares into rows would be easy-peasy.  However, it turns out that these blocks are not all the same size.  I don't know why--maybe the fabric has shrunk or distorted after years in a box? Or maybe they were never exactly the same size?  Maybe that's why Grandma never used them ;)

Whatever the reason, each block was slightly different, enough that trying to assemble them into neat rows with matching corners was soooo frustrating.  I did a lot of seam-ripping (and a moderate amount of venting to my patient hubby).  What I finally had to do was insert a few small patches, as you can see in the pics, to make the blocks fit together.  Then I had to give up trying to make the seams match perfectly and just go with it.  
I think it's going to be an awesome baby quilt for our new baby.  We didn't find out the gender, and I think that this quilt has enough pink, blue, and every other color that it will be perfect for a little boy or girl!

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