Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Wreath Ribbon Bow Tutorial

Last week I was trying to make a wreath with one of those really big wreath bows on it, but I didn't know how to make one.  I couldn't find any good tutorials, so I came up with a super-easy way to make a ribbon bow.  You can also check out my tutorial for making the ornament wreath.

To make the bow, all you need is a 12 ft spool of 2 1/2" wire-edged ribbon. 

1.  Cut a 9 ft piece of ribbon and a 3 ft piece of ribbon.  Hold one end of the long piece and make a 4 or 5" loop.

2.  Make a 4 or 5" loop on the other side of your hand.  Your bow will be about 8-10" across, depending on how large you want it.  Wrap the ribbon around 4 more times, making sure that the end is in the back.

3.  Find the middle of the short piece of ribbon.  Fold it in thirds and wrap around the center of the bow.

4.  Tie the short piece in a knot at the back.  Arrange the ends so they are both on one side of the bow.  Trim the ends at an angle.

5.   Slightly fan out the loops of the bow, and you're done!

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