Tuesday, October 9, 2012

No-sew Potted Plant Protector

This is not posed--during my little photo shoot, Little Man came over and tried to get at the dirt!
I saw this over a year ago at a friend's house and thought it was so weird--why would I need to cover my potted plants?  In my first-baby pride, I thought, "I'll just train my child to stay clean and not touch the plants."  HA!   It was fairly easy with my first baby.  Buddy likes to keep his hands and shoes clean and enjoys using hand sanitizer.  I can't remember him ever playing with dirt.

But, my 2nd baby didn't get the cleanliness gene--he likes to fling dirt all over my house, and eat some for good measure.  And he's also planning on being more stubborn than his big brother.  So, while I'm training him to not touch touch my plants, I'm the weird mom with tulle-covered plants!
You need enough tulle to go around your plant (I used about 1 yd for each planter) and a rubber band.  Just wrap the tulle around the planter, over the dirt, and secure with the rubber band. 

This won't prevent a determined toddler from finding the dirt, but it does keep out my curious baby. 

Bonus--you can water the plant through the tulle, so you don't have to re-do the cover every couple days .

I used recycled tulle from my wedding decorations.  I guess hoarding fabric for years in the back of the closet does come in handy sometimes!

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