Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Pink Chalk Fabric arrived!

A few weeks ago, I was a finalist in Pink Chalk Fabric's Handmade with Love Tutorial Contest!  My hanging kitchen towel tutorial was one of the top 5 chosen in the "Gifts for Friends" category.  And I won a $20 gift certificate to Pink Chalk Fabrics!  The hardest part was deciding what to buy, as there are dozens of awesome fabrics to choose from.  I finally decided...not to decide, haha. 
I ordered a Bits and Pieces bundle, where they send a random assortment of print remnants.  That way, I didn't have to actually make a decision, and I also get to sample a bunch of delicious fabrics!
  Yesterday, my scrap bundle arrived!!  I'm so excited, there are over a dozen fun, funky, and beautiful fabrics. 

Here are some of my favorite fabrics:
Buying new fabric is always fun, and it inspires my creativity.  But, it's not so good for my overflowing fabric stash--I think my hubby had mixed feelings about this purchase :)

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