Saturday, May 18, 2013

Buddy's Finished Quilt

Welcome, everyone from Blogger's Quilt Festival!  If you've never stopped by before, I'm Lily, a mommy with two young sons who loves quilting (and all things handmade).  I made this twin-sized quilt for my 3-year-old son, Buddy.  He loves being tucked in every night under this special quilt that Mommy made just for him, which warms my mommy heart :)

Many of the pinwheel blocks were made by friends at a local quilting group and given to me when Buddy was just a tiny baby.  There would have been enough blocks for a baby quilt, but I already had several of those.  Instead, I decided to make a twin-sized quilt for when he eventually grew into a big-boy bed. 
I loved these pinwheel blocks made with 1930s reproduction fabrics, but I wanted to make the quilt look a little more modern.  I also wanted it manly enough that my son could use it for years to come, which is why I alternated the pinwheels with solid blue blocks.  The result was even better that I pictured:  a very modern-looking graphic quilt, with pops of color from the 1930s prints.
For the quilting, I found a cross quilting pattern in a pattern book at the library.  (Side note:  I returned the book and now can't remember the book or the name of the pattern.  If anyone knows, please share!)  I love how this pattern was so easy to quilt on my home machine, since it only used straight lines.
I decided to make the borders and binding with the same blue as the center blocks, to continue the simple, two-color feel of this quilt.  I also used a simple blue backing that really showed off the quilting.
Many thanks to Amy over at Amy's Creative Side, this is my 2nd Blogger's Quilt Festival, and it's so fun and inspiring to see the many awesome quilts linked up!



  1. The fact that many of the blocks were gifts from friends makes the story of this quilt even more special. The blue really does set them off perfectly.

  2. A quilt loved by a child is a special one, indeed!

    Beautiful work.

  3. It looks like a perfect little boy quilt! I love how it is kind of two-color but not, and the quilting adds the perfect touch. :)


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