Monday, September 17, 2012

15 T-shirt Tutorials

I made this custom T-shirt Quilt a few years ago.  I should get around to making a tutorial, but for now, I'll just list other people's projects

I must have dozens of X-Large shirts sitting in the back of the closet.  It seems like we get them free everywhere but nobody in our house wears them.  Not even when I was nine months pregnant did I need an XL shirt, but for some reason that's the only size they give away at blood drives, picnics, and every group gathering.  So, after making my T-shirt Ruffle Skirt, I thought it would be fun to look at other projects that I could make with all those T-shirts sitting around.

I know that there are lots of pictures floating around the internet, but many have no patterns or tutorials to go with them.  So, I rounded up my favorite 15 t-shirt tutorials:

1.  Braided Rag Rug

2.  Random Ruffles Skirt

3.  T-shirt Yarn

4.  Plushie Robot Doll

5.  Tote Bag

6.  T-shirt Quilt

7.  Braided T-shirt Bracelets

8.  Little Girl Sundress

9.   T-shirt Dress

10.  Infinity Scarf

11.  Shag Rag Rug

12.  T-shirt Bag

13.  T-shirt Diaper

14.  Braided Scarf

15.  Baby Bib
And a bonus tutorial:  Messenger Bag from Cargo Pants!  This looked so cool I had to pass it along.  I'm not sure I have extra cargo pants sitting around.  Maybe I could borrow some of my husband's and he wouldn't notice...

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